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West Genesee St. Water Main Project update August 31st, 2023




August 31st, 2023


Re: West Genesee St.

Water Main Project


Public Notice


Citizens and Businesses of Lapeer,


The West Genessee St. road project will be changing its traffic patterns during the week of September 5th, 2023.  Thus far, we’ve been able to keep two lanes open through the entire project, despite it being a “closed road” project.  Unfortunately, we’ve now reached the  portion of the project where the construction team needs to start working in the two southern lanes, which will prevent those lanes being used for thru-traffic purposes.


Starting the week of September 5, 2023, the traffic patterns on West Genessee St. will change, and will include a complete closure of West Genessee St. from DeMille/Millville to Village West Dr that will remain in place for approximately 14 days.  Residents with homes in that area will be permitted through the construction zone to their homes from the eastern/Village West Dr. side only, as needed, during the closure. Residents may park at the Lapeer District Library Administration building located at 201 Village West Dr during this closure if they would like.  Following that initial complete road closure, the initial closure area will reopen and then the road closure will change to a rolling road closure which will move eastwards from Village West Dr as the work on the southern lanes is completed.  West Genessee St. will maintain two open lanes, one in each direction, on either side of the complete closure, however, be advised there will be no access through the complete closure and traffic will need to use the DeMille Rd detour to access the other side of Genessee during that time. 


The City of Lapeer will do its best to notify residents and businesses of the location of the complete closure location on a daily basis via social media.  The City of Lapeer and construction team are still trying to determine whether it will be safe to reopen West Genessee St as a thru-road on a daily basis, after construction is completed for the day, and then be reclosed early the next morning when construction resumes.


The City of Lapeer continues to appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to improve the City’s water infrastructure.  We understand that these types of projects can be very difficult for everyone, nonetheless we are continuing to do our best to minimize the impact it may have on our residents and businesses. 


If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me at the number or e-mail address below. 

Mike Womack

City of Lapeer

City Manager