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Public Works

Mission Statement:

The City of Lapeer Department of Public Works is committed to providing high-quality maintenance and improvement of City infrastructure systems while delivering excellent customer service, a high standard of safety, and fiscal responsibility.

Department Overview:

The Department of Public Works branches into five (5) individual divisions: Mechanics, Sewer, Streets, Water, and Waster Water Treatment Plant.  These five (5) divisions all work together as a team committed to providing: safe drinking water; maintaining infrastructure; keeping streets and bridges safe for travel and passage and ensuring that sewers continue to flow.

In providing the best service possible to our community we are aware of are fiscal responsibility; therefore, as a department we are always looking at new innovative approaches and technology to assist in achieving our mission.  We are continuing to reevaluate procedures and practices in order to provide the best services possible to our residence, visitors and business community.  Our goal is to be the best at what we do.

The Department of Public Works is responsible for a wide variety of services in maintaining a city of this size with its extended assets. This department not only maintains its assets, but assists all departments within the City of Lapeer. We provide assistance with fixing something as small as a toilet at Gallery 194, or a project as large as installing a new storm system for the Community Center.

  • City Population:  8,841 (2010 Census)
  • Size:  7.42 square miles
Departmental Organizational Chart

Department Goals:

  • Use best management practice in planning, design and operations of all City infrastructure systems.
  • Be efficient, effective and safe in performing all takes related to managing all City infrastructure systems.
  • Protect our water distribution system from contamination through a comprehensive Cross Connection Program.
  • Provide updated information / reports on water conservation, water quality and system improvements.
  • Have pride and dedication in addition to promoting courteous and ethical behavior.
  • Continue to focus and improve communication efforts and skills.
  • Maintain a workplace excellence where the work force is valued and are productive, trained, creative and open to new ideas.

  • Bridges - 17 (4 pedestrian bridges)
  • Fire hydrants - 763
  • Lift stations - 14
  • Local streets - 22.89 miles
  • Major streets - 20.51 miles
  • Sanitary main - 51.5 miles
  • Sanitary manholes - 1,157
  • School crossing signals - 5
  • State highway - 2.5 miles (maintained by DPW; owned by the State)
  • Storm main - 47 miles
  • Traffic signals - 11
  • Tree City
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant - 2.3 MGD capacity w/10.2 MGD peak capacity
  • Water gate valves - 1,306 (located within the water distribution system)
  • Water main - 70 miles (sizes ranging from 2" to 20" in diameter)
  • Water main connections - 3 (with meter pits at a 72" Detroit water main that supplies water to the City of Lapeer)
  • Water meters - 3,400
  • Water Tower - 125’ in height, 750,000 capacity – disconnected from the water system
  • Wells - 4 (back-up water supply - capacity of producing 2,850 gpm )