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MDHHS to offer filters to  Lapeer homes on lead service lines

LANSING, Mich. – The Lapeer County Health Department, in coordination with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and the Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE), is recommending 38 homes in the City of Lapeer with a lead service line, as well as 69 homes on galvanized service lines, use a water filter certified to reduce lead or an alternative water source, such as bottled water, for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth and making infant formula. This recommendation is being made based on initial water test results following a water main break earlier this month. 

MDHHS is offering free water filters certified to reduce lead to homes in the City of Lapeer on Thursday, Aug. 25. The City of Lapeer has 38 homes with known lead service lines, and 69 homes with galvanized service lines. Galvanized service lines that have been previously connected to lead service lines have an increased risk of lead release into drinking water due to those lines having the ability to hold lead for a very long time.  Bottled water will be made available to these 107 homes upon request.

MDHHS staff will be knocking on doors of homes with known lead service lines to provide the filters.  In addition, there will be a filter distribution held on Monday, August 29, from 3:00 – 7:00 p.m. for these 107 homes who may still be in need of a filter.  Entrance will be at the rear of the Health Dept. building, which is located at 1800 Imlay City Rd., Lapeer, MI.  Filters will also be made available at the City of Lapeer, DPW, 217 Bentley St., Lapeer, beginning Tuesday, August 30.

Homeowners that need a filter or have questions can call 800-MI-TOXICS (800-648-6942). Water can continue to be used for bathing, washing hands and washing dishes.

Following the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) water main break on Aug. 13, MDHHS’ Division of Environmental Health staff began water sample collection in Lapeer, Almont and Imlay City on Aug. 18, focusing on homes known to be served by a lead service line. Eight out of the 13 homes sampled in Lapeer had results with levels of lead greater than the Action Level Exceedance of 15 parts per billion. Results are not yet back for Almont or Imlay City.

In addition, MDHHS will continue offering water testing to Lapeer homes including those with known lead service lines on Friday, Aug. 26 to test lead levels in water blended following the water main break. This sampling effort is in addition to the sampling being conducted GLWA and the local water system.

All MDHHS Division of Environmental Health staff conducting sampling or passing out filters will have state issued vehicles, visible MDHHS identification and will be wearing MDHHS logoed attire. MDHHS staff may be accompanied by contractors assisting with this work.

For more information, call 800-MI-TOXICS (800-648-6942).

Kathy Haskins, MPH, BSN                                                              with                       Dale Kerbyson

Director/Health Officer                                                                                                  City Manager

Lapeer County Health Department                                                    City of Lapeer