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Annual Water Quality Reports

Drinking water quality is regulated through the SAFE DRINKING WATER ACT,1976 PA 399.  In 1998, this act was amended  adding the provision requiring all community water supply systems deliver to their customers an annual water quality report (Consumers Confidence Report).  The Consumers Confidence Report (CCR) is a document that provides consumers with information about the quality of drinking water in an easy to read format.  The CCR summarizes information that drinking water providers are required to collect to comply with Federal and State regulations.  This report includes information on the City’s water system, such as: source of water used (i.e., rivers, lakes, and reservoirs), chemical contaminants, bacteriological contaminants, compliance with drinking water rules, education health information, water system contact information.  The City of Lapeer purchases water from Detroit Water Department, so the City of Lapeer’s CCR includes information related to Detroit’s water system.  Each year, changes in the drinking water regulations affect how and what we report in the CCR.

The City is required to provide the CCR for the previous calendar year, each year by July 1st.  The method of distributing this report is determined by the population of the community served.  The City of Lapeer has fewer than 10,000 persons;  therefore we are required to provide the report to our community via a newspaper.  Typically this report is published in the County Press Sunday addition, 3rd Sunday in June.  In an effort to have this report available to everyone we serve we also place copies in public places such as, Community Center, Department of Public Works, City Hall, Churches, Schools, apartments and on our website.