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Utility Customer Billing Information

New Customer Information:

There are a few things you need to do as a new property owner or renter:

  • Make sure you come to the Department of Public Works or City Hall to have the utility bill changed into your name as soon as possible.  There is a form that is required to be completed prior to turning on the water or transferring names on accounts.
  • In the City of Lapeer water and sewer bills stay with the property, which means if a final bill is not scheduled, then as the new property owner you are responsible for any outstanding water/sewer bills and debt balances, if they apply.  If a final bill was scheduled, then it should have been paid by the responsible party.  However, in some cases where the final bill does not get paid, outstanding balances get transferred to the new owner’s account per Chapter 22 Water Regulations of the City of Lapeer General Ordinances.
  • Utility bills are sent out the last day of each month and are due the by the 15th of each month.  If the utility bill is not paid by the 15th a 10% penalty will be applied to the balance.  If an account becomes delinquent with a balance of $100.00 or greater you will receive a shut-off notice with the date of shut-off shown on the notice.  Typically, shut-off days occur the third or fourth week of each month.
  • The City does not have the ability to take credit cards or debit cards for utility payments. 
  • Payments with a credit card can be made through an Official Payment Center.  They do not accept visa credit cards and charge a 3% fee for this service.  If you use this service the telephone number is 1.800.272.9829 and you will be asked for a Jurisdiction code of 7065.
  • A drop box is located on the north side of City Hall by the back door.

City Hall
576 Liberty Park
Lapeer, MI  48446
Phone: 810.664.5231
Fax: 810.667.7164

Department of Public Works
217 Bentley Street, P.O. Box 1030
Lapeer, MI 48446
Phone: 810.664.4711
Fax: 810.667.7172


  • In moving from one property to another or moving out of the City of Lapeer you need to contact the Department of Public works to schedule a final utility bill.  
Water and Sewer Rates:

All fees charged by the City of Lapeer are listed in a Fee Schedule.

     Go to City of Lapeer Fee Schedule