Leaf Pick-Up Program

City of Lapeer Leaf Pick-Up Procedure:  The City will place signs on your street to inform you that leaf pick-up has been scheduled for your area.

Once the notices (signs) have been placed in your area we ask you to rake your leaves into the street/gutter pan.  City staff will then move through your area to pick-up leaves.

Prior to your area being notified on leaf pick-up do not put leaves in the street/gutter panIn addition to leaf season it is normally a wet time of year.  If you place your leaves in the gutter pan too early the leaves will plug the storm structures, which could result in flooding.

If leaves are placed in the street/gutter pan prior to notices being placed in your area residents will be instructed to remove them.

If you need to rake your leaves prior to the notification, leaves can be placed between the curb and sidewalk.

The City systematically moves through each area of the city picking up leaves.  Once we complete leaf pick-up for the entire city we then go through a second time.  The third time around the city is only in areas that require additional leaf pick-up, if weather permits.

Leaf pick-up starts the first of November and requires a majority of the DPW staff, for this reason brush pick-up is not completed in November.  City residents can bring their brush and composting material to the Public Works facility located at 217 Bentley Street, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Leaves can also be bagged and brought to DPW.  No plastic bags are permitted.