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Fall Leaf Pick-Up Program Procedure

City of Lapeer Vacuum Leaf Collection Program is scheduled to begin on Monday, November 4th.  Vacuum pickup takes place once a year in the month of November.  Department of Public Works (DPW) staff will follow a route through the city and there is no specific day for pickup. Depending on the amount of leaves to be collected, it can take the crews as long as two to three weeks to complete a full route through the entire city. Once we complete the route for the entire city we then start the process all over until weather no longer allows for this work to continue. 

Leaves should be raked out in front of your house for pickup as promptly as possible on or after November 4, 2019. In raking your leaves towards the street do not put leaves in the curb and gutter and/or in the street. In addition to leaf season it is normally a wet time of year.  If you place your leaves in the gutter pan and/or in the street too early the leaves will plug the storm drain structures, which could result in flooding.

If leaves are placed in the street and/or in the gutter pan residents will be instructed to remove them.

Leaves and branches need to be separated during fall leaf pick up due to a vacuum unit being used, which can easily be plugged by branchesAdditionally, please make sure leaves at the street are free of foreign material, such as rocks, steal, wood, etc.  These items can hurt our staff and damage our equipment.  Thank-You!

Leaf pick-up requires a majority of the DPW staff.  As a result, we do not pick-up bagged yard waste and brush in November.  City residents can bring their brush, bagged yard waste, and composting material to the Public Works facility located at 217 Bentley Street, Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM -3:00PM. No plastic bags permitted.