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Zoning Permit

When is a Zoning Permit Required?
A Zoning Permit must be obtained from the Planning Department before an change in use of any land or structure or change in occupancy is undertaken.

(For a use requiring site plan approval, that approval takes the place of a Zoning Permit.)

Zoning Permit Process:
  • Application for Zoning Permit submittal: A completed application, plot plan and required fee shall be submitted to the City Planning and Development Department.  After receipt of the completed application, plot plan and the required fee, your request will be reviewed.
  • Approval: A decision will be made within (5) five business days of receiving a completed application.  The Department of Planning and Development will provide notification of approval or denial of the subject application.  A signed and approved Zoning Permit application is considered the Zoning Permit.
Application for Zoning Permit