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General Planning and Zoning Information

The Planning and Development Department serves as the main point of contact for the majority of development related activities within the City and is responsible for coordinating the review and approval of such activities with the appropriate City Departments, Commissions, and consultants.

How to begin a development project:
  • Contact the Planning and Development Department to verify that the subject parcel/lot is appropriately zoned and/or master planned for the type of project that is being proposed, and to determine if any special approvals are necessary and to answer any other questions.
  • Become familiar with applicable City ordinances and standards/specifications, which may include but not be limited to:
    • Zoning Ordinance
    • Land Division Ordinance
    • Condominium Ordinance
    • Construction Specifications
What uses are allowed where?
The Zoning Ordinance lists the various zoning districts located within the City with allowable uses divided into two (2) categories:
  • Permitted Uses
  • Special Land Uses
For detailed information on allowable uses within the City's various zoning districts please refer to the Zoning Ordinance.

View the Zoning Ordinance & Zoning Map.

What criteria is considered when the City reviews a submittal for a proposed development?
  • Compliance with the Master Plan and Goals & Objectives
  • Compliance with City Codes - zoning ordinance, condominium ordinance, etc.
  • Compliance with land use requirements and design standards - site configuration
  • Engineering feasibility - roads, water, sewer, drainage
  • Environmental impact - preservation of natural features and open space, storm water management, compliance with flood plan and wetlands regulations, soil erosion control
  • Compliance with Public Safety requirements
  • Traffic Impact (in some instances, a traffic impact study will be required)
Which development related activities are not handled through the Planning and Development Department?
  • Interior renovations of an existing building building or tenant space
  • The construction of a single-family home, home addition or accessory structure on an existing legal residential lot
  • The erection of a new fence or alteration to an existing fence
  • The erection of any type of sign or alteration to an existing sign
  • Installation of above-ground or in-ground pools
(All of the above development related activities are handled by the City of Lapeer Building Department.)