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Special Land Use

What is a Special Land Use?
Due to the nature of certain land uses within a certain zoning district the City has recognized that special consideration is necessary based upon their potential effect on the adjacent area.  Special Land Use requests are reviewed by the Planning Commission.  Factors to determine the appropriateness of a special land use include: compatibility with adjacent zoning, location, design, size, intensity of use, impact on traffic operations, potential impact on groundwater, demand on public facilities and services, equipment used and processes employed.

When is a Special Land Use (SLU) needed?
The Zoning Ordinance specifies which uses are permitted by SLU in each of the zoning districts under their schedule of uses.

Special Land Use (SLU) Process:
  • Application for SLU submittal: A completed application, preliminary site plan and required fee shall be submitted to the City Planning and Development Department.   After receipt of the completed application, preliminary site plan and the required fee, your request will be placed on the next possible Planning Commission meeting agenda for the purpose of a public hearing, with all legal notifications being met, for consideration by the Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission meets on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m.
  • Public Hearing: The Planning Commission will conduct the public hearing as scheduled. The applicant or representative is expected to be present to address any questions.  The public is given an opportunity to voice their opinions on the requested SLU.  The Planning Commission will take action by approving, denying, or tabling the request.
  • Zoning Permit or Site Plan Review: Approval of a SLU does not convey site plan or zoning permit approval.  In most cases, a zoning permit or site plan review will be required.
Application for Special Land Use