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Since 1988, Henry has been a Master Fitness Trainer, certified by the United States Army where he completed extensive fitness training in Augsburg, Germany.  He spent 10 years in the military training soldiers to prepare for the elite Special Forces and Ranger training schools.  Since then, Henry has earned 11 highly accredited certifications, national certified by: United States Army, American Council on Exercise, American Aerobics Institute, National Education Trainers Association, American Sports Medicine Association, American Institute of Fitness Educators, National Education Trainers Association, Sport Nutrition & Weight Management Consultant SCW-Fitness, Golf Conditioning Specialist - GMP Fitness, and Triathlon Injury Prevention Specialist - GMP Fitness. In his tenure.  Henry was an accomplished military parachute instructor "Jumpmaster" with the 82nd Airborne Division, Ft. Bragg, NC, a tactical communications team leader attached to various units around the world and a decorated veteran of Desert Shield/Storm and Desert Saber.

In Henry's own words: "I believe the combination of good nutrition and fitness is the 'foundation of youth'.  The balance of aerobic conditioning, strength training, and nutrition is the key to achieving a fit body and mind.  The most enjoyable aspect of my career, is watching my clients reach and surpass their fitness goals and hearing the satisfaction and excitement they feel in their new lives.  The determination, discipline, and balance that is put into your training, can be used to achieve any goal in life. Contact MFT Sports to begin (or continue) your journey to a healthier you!"

Exercise Rx:  In this detailed program, a tailor made fitness program will be designed for you, based on your fitness goals and needs.  During this Exercise Rx, we will conduct a fitness evaluation to establish your current level of fitness.  This evaluation will include as assessment of Body Composition, Muscular Strength & Endurance, Flexibility and Cardiovascular Conditioning. Then a detailed exercise instruction program will be developed for you based on your current capabilities.

Personal Training:  Prior to conducting Personal Training sessions, an Exercise Rx from MFT Sports must have been conducted within the past (6) months.  Personal Training is a one-on-one session with a National Certified Personal Trainer. Training will be conducted to fine tune an existing program, to design an entirely brand new exercise regime, or just to motivate you to seek out your true training capabilities.  Sport specific and special activities programs can be developed and tracked, to achieve or exceed your fitness goals!

Weight Management:  
A weight management specialist will help understand your basic national needs.  Are the supplements you may be taking really needed, are they effective or even safe?  A comprehensive eating plan will be developed to assist you in your weight management goals.  People with medically directed weight management programs, referrals to a Registered Dietitian can be made. Please call ahead to see if this program is right for you!

MFT Sports Specialty Programs:  Tired of "cookie cutter" workouts other trainers give?  MFT Sports takes your workouts to the next level !   Cardio Boxing, Kettlebells, Suspended Body Weight Training, Dynamic Sports Conditioning, BOSU Balance Training, Multi-sport Injury Prevention and much more.  MFT Sports uses a variety of training methods and customized workouts to get you where you want to be.

FAST - TRAC Fitness Packages

Exercise Rx & 4 Personal Training          $160
Exercise Rx & 8 Personal Training          $270
Exercise Rx & 10 Personal Training        $320
Exercise Rx & 16 Personal Training        $480
Exercise Rx & 20 Personal Training        $585