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Annual Pass Rates (APR) & Debit Payment Plans


  City of Lapeer &   Non-Resident    
  Lapeer or Oregon   Paying City    
  Township Resident   Income Tax   Non-Resident
YOUTH (2-17) $255   $285   $305
Per Month $21.25   $23.75   $25.42
SENIOR (62+) $255   $285   $305
Per Month $21.25   $23.75   $25.42
INDIVIDUAL $280   $320   $345
Per Month $23.33   $26.67   $28.75
FAMILY $435   $520   $575
Per Month $36.25   $43.33   $47.92

We participate in the following programs:

  • SilverSneakers
  • Renew Active
  • Silver & Fit
  • Active and Fit
  • Prime Fitness/Fitness Your Way
  • FitnessCoach
  • Peerfit

Call your Insurance Company to see if you qualify! 


  • When opting for the debit payment plan, you are obligated to make 12 payments. Payments and your membership will continue after your obligation period unless you notify the Adminstration Office in WRITING. Cancellation requests require a 15 day notice.
  • A $25 fee is charged for credit/debit cards and check transactions (including EFT's) if the payment is returned/declined. 
  • Your final payment may be adjusted by a few cents.
  • You can pay for your Annual Membership with monthly payment options using your Checking Account or Credit Card.
  • A service fee of 2.8% is charged to ALL card transactions
  • A Family Membership is defined as spouses and their dependant children ages 0-20. 
  • Proof of college or dependancy is required for children ages 21-23 on the membership.

Family Plan Extension
Household Plans are available for people living in the same house, not meeting "Family" definition.  Add $65 per adult to Family Plan cost if qualified.

  • A $65 fee will be charged if approved and requirements met.
  • Plan Extension will expire with Annual Pass.
  • Proof of residence/permanent address for Extension Plan is required.
  • Qualified adults will include their children (1-17) at no additional charge.
  • Does not qualify for a payment plan; must be paid at the time of signing up.
  • Must be approved by administrative staff, M-F, please call in advance