Annual Pass Rates (APR) & Debit Payment Plans


  City of Lapeer &   Non-Resident    
  Lapeer or Oregon   Paying City    
  Township Resident   Income Tax   Non-Resident
YOUTH $255   $285   $305
Per Month $21.25   $23.75   $25.42
SENIOR $255   $285   $305
Per Month $21.25   $23.75   $25.42
 *Seniors: We accept "SilverSneakers", "At Your Best" through United Health Care, "Silver & Fit", and "FitnessCoach". Call your Insurance Company to see if you qualify!     
INDIVIDUAL $280   $320   $345
Per Month $23.33   $26.67   $28.75
FAMILY $435   $520   $575
Per Month $36.25   $43.33   $47.92


  • A $25 fee is charged for credit/debit cards and check transactions (including EFT's) if the payment is returned/declined. 
  • Your final payment may be adjusted by a few cents.
  • You can pay for your Annual Membership with monthly payment options using your Checking Account or Credit Card.
  • A service fee of 2.8% is charged to ALL card transactions
  • A Family Membership is defined as spouses and their dependant children ages 0-20. 
  • Proof of college or dependancy is required for children ages 21-23 on the membership.

Family Plan Extension
Household Plans are available for people living in the same house, not meeting "Family" definition.  Add $65 per adult to Family Plan cost if qualified.

  • A $65 fee will be charged if approved and requirements met.
  • Plan Extension will expire with Annual Pass.
  • Proof of residence/permanent address for Extension Plan is required.
  • Qualified adults will include their children (1-17) at no additional charge.
  • Must be approved by administrative staff, M-F, please call in advance