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Kids' Corner

Kids Corner
Monday - Friday     9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

*Hours may change depending on the season, see current brochure for actual hours.

  1 Kid    2 Kids   3 Kids   4 Kids  
Preferred Rate (Members) $3.50  $4.75 $6.00 $7.25 
Regular Rate  $4.50  $6.25  $8.00  $9.75

NEW! Unlimted Monthly Package!
                 Preferred: $35    Regular: $47

                 A. Good for one (1) month from date of purchase.
                 B. Can be used for all dependent children in your household for 1 price!
                 C. Allows you to use Kid's Corner anytime it is open while package is active.
                 D. Reservations are optional, but recommended. 

*A service fee of 2.8% is charged to ALL card transactions


  • Optional, but are strongly recommended
  • Held for ten minutes beyond reserved time.
  • ANNUAL PASS HOLDERS may reserve up to two (2) days in advance.
  • ALL OTHERS may reserve one (1) day in advance.
  • Two (2) hour maximum stay per child.