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Youth Swim Lessons 6 years & older

Red Cross

Level 1: Introduction to water skills for children who have little or no experience in the water.  They will work on water entry & exit skills, breath control with blowing and bobbling, opening eyes underwater, retrieving submerged objects, front/back floats/glides with recovery, front/back arm and leg independently and combined actions both alternating & simultaneous, treading water using arm and hand actions, rolling over, and water safety skills.

Level 2: Fundamental aquatics skills for children who can put their face in the water for at least three seconds and bob five times.  Children must also know how to do an unsupported front and back float (five seconds) with rolling over and front/back arm and leg action (five yards).  They will continue to work on Level 1 skills and be introduced to rotary breathing, finning, jelly fish and tuck floats, jumping from the side into shoulder deep water, treading with arm and leg actions, change direction of travel while swimming on front/back as well as from vertical to horizontal positions on front and back.  Continued learning about water safety skills.

Level 3: Stroke development for students who have earned a Level 2 certificate.  This class will continue to build on skills in Level 2 and include bobbing while moving to safety, jumping into deep water, pushing off in streamlined position with kicks, increase rotary breathing technique, back float and treading time.  Students will learn front crawl, elementary backstroke with kicks, head first entries, survival float, scissor, dolphin and breast stroke kicks, and water safety skills.

Level 4: Stroke improvement for students who have earned a Level 3 certificate. Students will develop confidence in the skills learned in Level 3 with improvement and endurance along with other aquatic skills.  Compact and stride diver, underwater swimming, feet first surface dives, survival swimming, front/back crawl open turns, sidestroke, butterfly, breaststroke, elementary backstroke and water safety skills.

Level 5: Stroke refinement for students who have earned a Level 4 certificate.  The objective is coordination and refinement of all strokes, in addition to increased endurance and continued work on Level 4 skills.  Shallow-angle dives, tuck and pike surface dives, flip turns, sculling, increased treading and with just legs, all 6 strokes and water safety skills.

Level 6: Advanced swimming skills for students who have earned a Level 5 certificate.  The objective is to refine strokes so students swim with more ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances.  Level 6 is designed with “menu” option Fitness Swimmer.   We will customize this level to meet the needs of the participants.  This class is combined with Level 5.