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Pool Rules

  • This is a very brief list of the pool rules; additional rules apply.  A complete list of pool rules are posted and are available upon request, view complete list here.
  • Children under (10) years old must be directly supervised (within arms reach) by a person 16 years of age or older to enter and use the facilities. DROPPING OFF CHILDREN UNDER THIS AGE IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED!
  • One adult in the water is required for every three (3) children under ten (10) years old or who are not 54" tall.
  • No admittance with communicable diseases, open wounds, infections or plantar warts.  Band-aids, wraps, etc are prohibited.
  • Life jackets and swim cubes are permitted in water areas 3'6" or less WITH PROPER SUPERVISION.
  • LOCKER ROOMS ~ Children three (3) years and younger are permitted in opposite sex locker rooms.  A Family Locker Room is available for families with mixed genders.
  • DIAPER RULES ~ Children who are not toilet trained must wear a pool diaper; e.g. HUGGIES "Little Swimmers" or cloth training pant or cloth diaper covered by tight plastic pants (no disposable diapers).
  • DEEP WATER TEST ~ In order to swim in the deep end of the competitive pool, all persons must be able to swim from the shallow end of the pool to the deep end (1 length) with ease.  Lifeguards may ask you to perform this test if they are uneasy about your skills.  This is for the safety of everyone .