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Monuments & Markers


No material except granite, a good grade of white marble, cut stone from recognized monument quarries or standard bronze shall be used for markers or monuments. Bronze may be used for markers extending above the grade only if attached to a granite base. This does not prohibit use of standard metal markers of the type used by the Veteran's organizations. 


All monuments and markers shall be placed on foundations of solid masonry. Markers or bases of monuments shall not extend over foundations more than one-half inch. The top of foundations for monuments and markers shall  be smooth and level and shall be higher than four and one-half inches below grade for a grass marker and not higher than two inches below the grade for all other monuments and markers. Construction of all foundations and setting of lot corner posts shall be done only by municipal employees. In garden or park type sections the top of the foundation shall be at such height as to permit the marker or monument to be installed flush with the level of the ground.


Those persons engaged in placing monuments and markers shall provide planking adequate to protect turf and shall remove material, equipment and rubbish immediately upon completion of work. The site shall be left in a clean, orderly condition. Rope or cables shall be attached to trees or other objects only on the approval of the sexton. The lot owner or his agent shall install markers and monuments in excess of two feet by one foot.