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Lot Care

Supervision of Lot Plantings & Improvements:

All improvements to lots shall be done under the direction and with the approvals of the sexton or persons duly authorized by him. No tree or shrub shall be removed or pruned except except under the direction and with the consent of the sexton. The planting of perennials and shrubs of the lot will not be permitted. Annual or artificial flowers may be placed within 18 inches of the front or back of the marker or monument. Any shrubs, flowers or trees, which in the opinion of the sexton are objectionable in appearance or location, shall be removed under the direction of the sexton.

Lot Care:

The following rules shall be observed with regard to care of cemetery lots:

  • Copings, fences, curbs, hedges, structures of wood or other equally perishable material are prohibited. Those structures or enclosures established an any lot previous to the adoption of these regulations that have, in the judgment of the cemetery management, become unsightly by reason of neglect or age shall be removed.
  • No elevated mounds shall be built over graves and no lot shall be filled above the grade established by the City.
  • Receptacles for cut flowers will be permitted if installed flush with the surface of the lawn.
  • Winter decorations may be maintained on graves until March 1, If such decorations are not removed by March 1, they shall be considered abandoned and may disposed of by the cemetery management. 
  • Rubbish, refuse and unused containers shall not be left on lots.