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Funerals & Interments

Funerals & Intermets:

All funeral processions within the cemetery shall be under the direction of the sexton of the cemetery. Workmen engaged in the vicinity of a burial shall suspend their labors during services at a grave. The cemetery management shall reserve the right to remove funeral designs and floral pieces as soon as they become unsightly. 

Conditions to be fulfilled before interment:

No interment shall take place without a Burial Permit, nor until all laws, ordinances and rules and regulation relative to burials have been complied with. No grave shall be opened unless the grave space has been paid for, with the exception of indigent cases, or unless the Funeral Director assumes the responsibility of payment for such grave space. Funeral Directors making arrangements for burials shall be responsible for all interment charges not paid by the owner or agent. If the deceased to be interred is not the owner or is not a member of the land owner's immediate family, written consent of the owner, owners or authorized agent, must be filed with the City Treasurer before interment may be permitted. 

Additional Information:

Only one adult or child's interment in any one grave shall be permitted, except that cremated remains may be buried above another grave. The sexton of the cemetery shall not be held responsible for errors in location of graves on lots arising from improper instructions of lot owners. Orders from Funeral Directors shall be construed as orders from owners. Under no circumstances shall the City or its employees assume responsibility for error in opening graves when orders are given verbally. No graves shall be opened except by workmen employed by the cemetery management.

Disinterment & Reinterment:

Disinterment and reinterment within the cemetery shall be made in the presence of a Funeral Director; if to another cemetery, only after a permit has been obtained from the County Health Department. Graves shall not be opened for inspection except for official investigation.