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Cemetery Conduct

No person shall:

  • Throw rubbish or debris on a walk or driveway or on any part of the cemetery grounds.
  • Pick or mutilate any flowers, either wild or domestic, or disturb any tree, shrub or any other plant material.
  • Consume refreshments or liquors in the cemetery or carry same upon the premises.
  • Permit any dog or domestic animals to enter or remain in the cemetery.
  • Use any form of advertising on cemetery premises.
  • Discharge a firearm in or adjacent to any cemetery. This prohibition shall not apply to authorized volleys at burial or memorial services.
Property Damage:

Financial Responsibility of City for Property Damage - The City shall not be financially responsible for any damage to lots and structures or objects thereon, or for flowers or articles removed from any grave or lot.

Traffic Regulations:

All traffic laws of the City of Lapeer are applicable to operation of vehicles in cemeteries. A person driving in a cemetery shall be responsible for any damage done by the vehicle in the driver's charge. In addition, no person shall:
  • Drive a vehicle in excess of ten (10) miles per hour on any cemetery road.
  • Drive off the established roads unless the sexton gives permission in writing.
  • Use a cemetery road as a public thoroughfare.