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Service line replacement set to begin mid-March

The City of Lapeer Department of Public Works has been awarded grant funding to replace galvanized iron or lead portions of the service lines found in multiple homes within the City of Lapeer. This work will be done at no cost to the property owner or occupant of the property.

Property owners recently received required documents to either agree to the replacement work or to refuse and release the City from liability.  Letters were also sent to any tenants that may rent an impacted property to make them aware of the upcoming work. Once the letters from all affected property owners are returned and the City’s contractor is ready to begin the project, the contractor will place a notice on every door and attempt to make contact with the residents to confirm the date the work will be accomplished.

City of Lapeer employees will accompany every contractor crew performing the work to address any issues that may arise.  Weather permitting, this work is anticipated to begin in mid-March.

If you need additional information or have further questions, please contact the City Department of Public Works at (810) 664-4711.