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City to distribute water filters for 530 homes

The City of Lapeer has identified 530 homes with water service lines made of unknown materials.  The City of Lapeer will be working to determine the makeup of your home’s service line over the next month and has in place a plan to remove lead and galvanized service lines at no cost to the property owner.

In the City of Lapeer, any homes with lead or galvanized service lines are recommended to use a lead reducing filter.  For homes of unknown service lines free filters are being delivered to the affected homes by City of Lapeer staff on Friday, September 2nd. If you have not been contacted by the City of Lapeer, your home is not impacted by this.

Affected homes still in need of a free filter, may:

  • Pick one up from the City of Lapeer, DPW, 217 Bentley St., Lapeer, during normal business hours, or alternatively at Lapeer County Health Dept. during normal business hours.
  • Call 800-MI-TOXIC (800-648-6942).
  • You can also request filter installation assistance, if needed.

Although filters are being delivered today to affected homes, bottled water will also be available at the Lapeer County Health Department (LCHD) on Friday, Sept. 2, from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. for those in need of the water.

Recently, LCHD, along with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy identified 107 homes that have a lead or galvanized service line. These homes should use a water filter certified to reduce lead, or an alternative water source, such as bottled water, for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth and making infant formula. This recommendation is based on initial water test results following a Great Lakes Water Authority water main break.

If you have additional questions call 800-MI-TOXIC (800-648-6942).



Kathy Haskins, MPH, BSN                               with                 Dale Kerbyson

Director/Health Officer                                                          City Manager

Lapeer County Health Department                                        City of Lapeer