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As the City's Chief Administrative Officer, the City Manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the City, including:

Implementation of programs, ordinances and policies:
  • Work with elected officials to achieve common goals and objectives for the community.
  • Ensure that ordinances and policies approved by the elected officials are equitably enforced throughout the city.
Management of public funds:
  • Ensuring the cost-effectiveness of programs, balancing budgets and securing the financial health of the community.
  • Prepare the annual budget for submittal to elected officials for approval; implement budget upon approval.
  • Generate City-wide Capital Improvement Program approved by City Commission.
Coordination of service delivery:
  • Anticipating future needs, organizing work operations and establishing timetables to meet community needs.
  • Solicitation of bids from contractors and select/recommend the appropriate organization to perform the work.
Administration of personnel:
  • Provide direction and leadership to department heads, administrative personnel, other employees and those who provide direct services to the City.
  • Interact with the City's various unions.
Building community and problem solving:
  • Seek feedback from residents and members of the business community to address and problem solve.
  • Investigate citizen complaints or issues within the administrative organization and recommend changes to elected officials.
Public trust and confidence:
  • Bring to the community a commitment of maintaining the public trust and confidence in local government, achieve equity and social justice, affirm human dignity and improve the quality of life for all residence.