Turrill/Elm East Roof Repair Grant

ARE YOU IN NEED OF A NEW ROOF?  The City of Lapeer Housing Improvement Department (HID) may be able to help!  The City of Lapeer has received a MSHDA Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) grant for eligible homeowner-occupied residences located in the Turrill/Elm East Area Neighborhood.  The grant will focus on the replacement of aging roofs for 5 eligible homeowners in the target area.  Each household will receive up to $7,190 for their project with no lien or pay back requirements!   Additional funding sources are available too!  The funds received will be available Summer/Fall 2019 ONLY, so call today!  

DO NOT WAIT—FUNDING FOR ONLY 5 ROOFS will be available!  

Household Requirements (not a complete list)

  • Home must be located within the Turrill/Elm East target area on designated streets — see highlighted streets on map
  • Project priority based on family Area Median Income (AMI) percentage, with lowest percentage getting first preference—see chart below
  • Home must be primary residence
  • Taxes & Insurance must be up to date 
  • Maximum funding amount per project is $7,190 with no lien or pay back requirements 
  • Additional costs/requirements may be needed based on project

If project costs exceed grant fund limit, other funding options may be available if household qualifies.  Homeowner may be required to have a lead-based paint or asbestos test completed.  These costs will be the homeowner’s responsibility.

Area Median Income (AMI) Income Limits by Family Size (Limits subject to change):

Income AMi Picture2

Target Map:

Marketing flyer2