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MSHDA NEP Round 9 Neighborhood Grant


  The City of Lapeer Housing Improvement Department (HID) may be able to help!  The City of Lapeer has received a MSHDA Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) grant for eligible homeowner-occupied or single-family zoned rental units located in the MSHDA Round 9 Grant Neighborhood.  The grant will focus on the replacement of aging roofs, minor exterior repairs, or the installation of concrete driveways for eligible homeowners and eligible rental properties in the target area.  The grant must be completed by December 31, 2024.  

For More Information - Call 810.245.4212 or Email

Homeowner Requirements (not a complete list)
Home must be located within the MSHDA NEP Round 9 Grant Neighborhood target area on designated streets — see highlighted streets on map

  • Project priority based on family Area Median Income (AMI) percentage, with lowest percentage getting first preference—see chart below
  • Home must be primary residence
  • Taxes & Insurance must be up to date 
  • Maximum funding amount per project is $9,999 with no lien or pay back requirements 
  • Additional costs/requirements may be needed based on project

If project costs exceed grant fund limit, other funding options may be available if household qualifies.  Homeowner may be required to have a lead-based paint or asbestos test completed.  These costs will be the homeowner’s responsibility.  Homeowner Application - HERE

Rental Unit Requirements (not a complete list
Home must be located within the Mt. Hope Neighborhood target area on designated streets — see highlighted streets on map

  • Rental Unit must be zoned single-family, residential
  • Occupant must income qualify
  • All taxes must be paid up to date.
  • Must be compliant with City of Lapeer Rental Registration Certification

50% of the project costs are paid up front by the rental property owner before a project is started and then a 5-year, 100% forgivable lien will be placed on the property.  If the rental property is sold before the 5-year term is up, 100% of the lien funds are due back to MSHDA.  After 5-years, the lien is forgiven.   
Rental Application - HERE

Area Median Income (AMI) limits by family size (limits subject to change):

% AMI 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person
120% $79,560 $90,960 $102,360 $113,640 $122,760 $131,880

MSHDA NEP Round 9 Target Map:
(Pink Highlighted Streets are within the Grant Territory)
Grant Territory Pic

 Equal Housing Opportunity