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HOMEOWNER Grant Rehabilitation Funds Available
for Homeowners and Rental Property Owners with 3 or less units !

Michigan State Housing Development Authority
has awarded the City of Lapeer $210,000 through the Michigan’s Housing Opportunities Promoting Energy-Efficiency (MI-HOPE) Program.  MI-HOPE is a federally funded program utilizing United States Department of Treasury American Rescue Plan (ARP) Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF).  This grant program is designed to encourage energy-efficiency focused residential housing repairs and upgrades to owner-occupied homes and non-owner-occupied single-family homes and multi-family properties, consisting of a maximum of 3 total units within the City of Lapeer. 

Eligible grant applicants could be awarded up to $25,000 towards energy-efficiency improvements to their properties without requiring a repayment of grant funds nor a lien on the property. 

TO APPLY: Contact Shelley Lincoln, Grant Administrator
Email:      Call: 810.245.4212

 Owner Requirements:

  • Occupants (owner and/or tenant if applicable) must have experienced and attest to a Qualified Financial Hardship on or after March 31, 2021.
  • Homeowner must occupy the property as their primary residence.
  • Homeowners and/or Tenant households must meet the MI-HOPE Income Eligibility Requirements (see chart below).
  • Homeowner must provide verification of occupancy of the home for a minimum of 12 months from the date of application submission.
  • Rental owners must provide verification of ownership for a minimum of 12 months and provide a 6-month occupancy history.
  • All proprieties must be current on taxes or be current on a repayment plan.
  • All properties must be insured or provide written verification of insurability post-rehab.
  • Rental properties must be occupied by tenants with a written lease stating that rent rates will not be increased post-rehab for a minimum of 12 months.
  • For properties owned by a Trust, a Certificate of Trust is required.

Eligible Properties:

  • Single-Family owner-occupied with an income qualified household.
  • Single-Family non-owner occupied with an income qualified household.
  • Multi-Family (attached or detached – up to 3 units) owner-occupied with an income qualified household.
  • Multi-Family (attached or detached – up to 3 units) non-owner-occupied with an income qualified household.
  • Detached Site Condominium units.
  • Modular/Manufactured homes permanently affixed to real property and taxed as real estate.

Eligible Energy-Efficiency Actives are limited to the following items:


Storm/ Exterior Doors


Water Heater/On Demand

Appliance upgrades



Air Conditioning (whole home)

Exterior Security Lighting

Electrical Upgrades

If project costs exceed grant fund limit, other funding options may be available if household qualifies.  Homeowner may be required to have a lead-based paint or asbestos test completed.  These costs will be the homeowner’s responsibility.  

2023 - 300% Federal Poverty Level limits by family size:

1 Person

2 Person

3 Person

4 Person

5 Person

6 Person

7 Person

8 Person









More Information - Call 810.245.4212 or Email