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To verify City of Lapeer addresses:
The link below will take you to BS&A assessing software to search for addresses in the City of Lapeer. Hint:  First try the street name only.  Many Lapeer-48446 addresses are in the surrounding townships and would not be subject to City of Lapeer withholding unless they work within the City limits.  If you still have questions, call 810.667.7155 or send us an email listed under the Income Tax Department "Contact Information" tab.

Federal and State e-filing and other Michigan City income tax forms:
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2023 City of Lapeer Individual Tax Return (L1040)4 documents

  • General Instructions
    document _recordid 2225
  • Resident Instructions
    document _recordid 2226
  • Non-Resident Instructions
    document _recordid 2227
  • 2023 L-1040
    document _recordid 2228

2022 City of Lapeer Individual Tax Return (L1040)4 documents

  • General Instructions
    document _recordid 2211
  • 2022 L-1040
    document _recordid 2212
  • Resident Instructions
    document _recordid 2213
  • Non-Resident Instructions
    document _recordid 2214

2021 City of Lapeer Individual Tax Return (L1040)4 documents

  • General Instructions
    document _recordid 2017
  • 2021 L-1040
    document _recordid 2018
  • Resident Instructions
    document _recordid 2019
  • Non-Resident Instructions
    document _recordid 2020

Lapeer Income Tax Corporation Return (L-1120)2 documents

  • Corporate Form L-1120
    document _recordid 255
  • Corporation Form L-1120 Instructions
    document _recordid 256

Lapeer Income Tax Partnership Return (L-1065)2 documents

  • Partnership Form L-1065
    document _recordid 257
  • Partnership Form L-1065 Instructions
    document _recordid 259

Lapeer Fiduciary Return (L-1041)1 document

  • L1041 Fiduciary Income Tax Return.pdf
    document _recordid 251

Part-Year Resident Schedule (Schedule P)2 documents

  • Schedule P Part Year Resident Calculation.pdf
    document _recordid 253
  • Schedule P Instructions.pdf
    document _recordid 254

Estimated Tax Declaration Voucher (L1040ES / L1120 ES)
**Electronic Withdrawal Forms (ACH) Available**4 documents

  • Estimate Quarterly Voucher
    document _recordid 305
  • Estimate ACH Annual Voucher
    document _recordid 306
  • Estimate ACH Monthly Voucher
    document _recordid 486
  • Estimate Payment Instructions
    document _recordid 1112

Employee's Withholding Certificate (LW-4)1 document

    document _recordid 252

Employer Withholding Information3 documents

  • Employer Withholding Registration Form
    document _recordid 265
  • Withholding Tax Guide
    document _recordid 266
  • W-2 Electronic Filing Instructions
    document _recordid 734

Employer Withholding Forms4 documents

  • 2023 LW-3 Annual Reconciliation
    document _recordid 2216
  • 2023 L-941 Quarterly Withholding Forms
    document _recordid 2218
  • 2024 L-941 Quarterly Withholding Forms
    document _recordid 2231
  • 2024 LW-3 Annual Reconciliation
    document _recordid 2233

Extension Forms1 document

  • 1040 Extension Form
    document _recordid 450

Power of Attorney1 document

  • Power of Attorney1.pdf
    document _recordid 309