ISO Rating

In April of 2016, Insurance Services Office (commonly known as ISO) began a survey of our fire protection service area.  The survey was completed in the spring of 2017.  The purpose of the review is to evaluate a community’s ability to deliver structural fire suppression services, and the information obtained is used to determine a classification rating that is used by most insurance companies to determine the costs of business and homeowner policies.  ISO classification ratings run from 1 to 10 (the lower the number the better), and are determined on the way the fire department receives/dispatches fire responses (911/countywide Central Dispatch), available water supplies, and fire department manpower/equipment/training.  The last review of the City was completed in 1995.

Effective June 1, 2017, our Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating has improved from a Class 5 to Class 4/4Y.  While insurance companies determine the actual cost of each policy, this improvement in our rating means that it may be possible that homeowners in the City could see a slight improvement in the cost of their homeowner’s policies; however those with commercial/industrial policies are potentially more likely to see savings. 

This will also positively affect our contracted townships as those properties within 5 road miles from our station and within 1,000’ of a fire hydrant or alternate water supply should also receive credit for the Class 4.  For those within 5 road miles from our station but more than 1,000’ from a water source, the 4Y classification should apply. In many cases, this could lead to significant savings.  Previously the townships had varying ratings of 5-10 depending on location.