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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you have a question that remains unanswered, please contact us at 810.667.7155.

Who is required to file a Lapeer City Individual Income Tax Return?

Residents of the city must file on income earned regardless of where earned.  Non-Residents must file on income earned in the City of Lapeer.

What is the tax rate for the City of Lapeer Income Tax?
  • Individual Resident:  1%
  • Individual Non-Resident:  .5%
  • Corporate:  1%
What are the penalty and interest charges if I pay my income tax late?
The State of Michigan Department of Treasury establishes the current interest rate on income tax delinquencies.  This rate changes every six months on January 1st and July 1st.

Penalty is calculated at a rate of 1% per month with a maximum of 25%.

Estimated tax payments are not underpaid if they equal 70% of the tax due on the final return or 70% of the tax due on the return for the preceding year.  Underpaid estimated taxes are charged interest at prevailing per annum interest rates and penalties.

How long must I wait for a tax refund?
Refunds are paid normally within 60 days of filing or 45 days after April 30th, whichever is later.  In case a return is audited, refunds can be delayed depending on the taxpayer's response time.

When is the due date for employers to file the Annual Reconciliation (LW-3) and W-2s?
February 28 of the following year.

Can the Annual Reconciliation (LW-s) and W-2s be filed electronically?
Yes.  Contact us at 810.667.7155 for formatting requirements.

I filed a previous year refund and I was denied.  Why?
Refunds may have been applied against prior delinquent assessments or may be barred by Statute of Limitations.  Claims for refunds must be made within four years from the date the payment was made or from the date the tax return was due.  A 2012 tax return due on April 30, 2013 would be entitled to a refund up to May 1, 2017.