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Development Information

The City of Lapeer works to be developer friendly at every scope and size of a business development.

To help you navigate through the planning process take a look at our Development Review Procedures Handbook.   This document includes flow charts to help understand a typical timeframe to review the various types of applications.

Applications can be accepted via in person, mail, or email (if the required number of hard copies is provided).  The City at this time does not have online payments for Planning Applications, but does accept cash or check.  The City will not start processing an application until a completed application, required number of hard copies, and associated fee is paid.  Applications for the Planning Department are also located online.  

City of Lapeer Zoning Ordinance, hard copies can be requested from the Planning Department. 
Per the City’s fee schedule the cost is $25.00 for the Zoning Ordinance.

City of Lapeer Master Plan, hard copies can be requested from the Planning Department.
Per the City’s fee schedule , the cost is $30.00 for the Master Plan.