Indoor Cycling

Cycle & Tone "Half Cycle/Half Toning" Looking for an exciting way to say fit? Breaking plateaus? Adding variety? This electrifying class is a perfect mix of heart-pumping cardio and strength training. With 30 minutes of spinning, sweating, and smiling to the beat of some great tunes and 30 minutes strengthening and toning with weights, this class will definitely inject a new spark in your fitness routine. 

Indoor Cycle - Novice to top notch athletes! Burn up to 800 calories in this 60 minute class! Certified instructors keep you motivated!

45 Minute Cycle- If a half hour is too short, and an hour too long, this is the perfect in-between!

Quick Cycle - We're not playing around...quick-cycle 30-minute class and you're out!

Indoor Cycle and Cycle & Tone: DROP-IN: $7
45 Minute Cycle: $5
Quick Cycle: DROP-IN: $3

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