Group Fitness (Aerobics)

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Our Group Fitness Program offers something for everyone!  Here at the Lapeer Community Center we offer a variety of classes and different levels for people of varying ages, goals and abilities.  Each Certified instructor teaches their class based on their own personal style and area of interest. Here is a small sampling of the type of classes that are available at the Lapeer Community Center: Strength training, Yoga, Pilates, Circuit Training style workouts, ZUMBA, and so much more!  Safe exercise and proper form will help keep you from getting injured.  Our instructors show modifications of various movements to meet the fitness level of each person. All classes will offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercise options. The instructors' expertise and dedication make our group classes an incredible value.  Our instructors can help you spice up your workouts and get the most out of them in a short period of time. Join us soon!



An exciting fusion of Yoga and Pilates. Learn muscle control, gain flexibility, increased balance and muscle endurance using your own body for resistance. Slow pace with lots of instruction and modifications for all kinds of body types. You feel stronger, stand taller, look learner and feel better from the inside out. Sticky mat is suggested. 

Strengthen and stretch your muscles. Follow and control your breathing while staying in the present  moment. Come experience this body/mind practice. Sticky yoga mat and blanket is suggested. Loaner mats are available if needed. 

Infectious music, easy-to-follow dance moves and body-beatifying benefits. You will do dances inspired by the traditional Cumbia, Salsa, Samba, and Meringue music. See results without even knowing you've worked out.

This is a slower, less intense version of our regular Zumba class. Easy to follow dance moves with lots of fun music. No spinning or jumping unless you want to! Bring your friends to the party!

High intensity interval training that is fun, blasts calories and moves so quickly it's hard to get bored! Resistance equipment used to achieve body changing results. 

Total Body HIIT
This class uses a work-rest ratio of timed intervals to tighten up and tone your body from bottom to top and top to bottom. Fun, fat burning, total body tune-up!

Work at your own pace through a series of circuit stations to challenge any level participant. Fun, motivating and body-changing fitness.

Strength, Weight Loss, Energy, All-Body Toning. This class will get your heart pumping and make you sweat for sure!

Combines body weight exercises with interval and strength training. Designed to burn maximum number of calories in a short period of time. 

Get leaner, stronger, and faster! High intensity speed, strength, and agility class will have you pushing yourself and your teammates towards your fitness goals. This class is suitable for anyone. Train like an athlete with endurance and core work, plyometrtics for power and speed and agility drills. (This class takes place in the gym.)

An intensive cardiovascular workout to high-energy music designed for anyone to work at their own pace. Starts with stretching with a pounding session then amping up the energy. (Limited amount of loaner balls and sticks available, bring your own to gaurantee a spot.)

Keep your body guessing and challenge yourself in every class! These high-energy workouts are designed to improve your overall fitness-strength, cardio, flexibility, agility, and more!

Mixture of Yoga styles. Higher intensity to improve and cross-train your yoga practice. Builds muscle, promotes flexibility and core trength. Sticky yoga mat suggested.

Slow paced Yoga with poses held for longer periods of time. Helps improve felxibility & mobility, repairs the body, and increases circulation.