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City of Lapeer, Michigan
City of Lapeer, Michigan
City of Lapeer, Michigan
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576 Liberty Park
Lapeer, MI 48446
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Forms, forms and more forms! If you need a City form, you should be able to find it here. If you cannot find the one you need, please send us an email and we will forward it to you. If we can convert the form to an electronic format, we will add it here.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access these forms. Download it here for free.

Use these links or move down the page to find the form you seek.
Assessing :: Board/Commission :: Community Development :: Voting :: Employment
Facility Rental :: Feedback :: FOIA :: Housing :: Income Tax :: Planning ::

Parks & Recreation :: Water and Sewer Department


Address Application

Division of Platted Lots

Hardship Property Tax Reduction - Application

Hardship Property Tax Reduction - Rules and Regulations

Land Division

Property Transfer Affidavit
Request for Non-Consideration – Act 25
Request to Rescind

Affidavit of Owner of Eligible Personal Property Claiming Exemption from Collection of Taxes (Small Taxpayers Form 5076)

2014 Personal Property Exempt Letter

2015 Personal Property:  Idle Equipment, Obsolete Equipment, and Surplus Equipment Report

2015 Personal Property Statement (L-4175)

Principal Residence Exemption

Principal Residence Exemption - Conditional Rescission

Principal Residence Exemption - Active Duty Military Affidavit

Principal Residence Exemption - Foreclosure Entity Conditional Rescission

Board or Commission

Interest Indicator Form

Building Department 

Please contact the Building Department at 810-245-9621 for permit and application information.

Commercial:   Electrical Permit Application

Commercial:   Mechanical Permit Application

Commercial:   Plumbing Permit Application

Residential:    Electrical Permit Application

Residential:    Mechanical Permit Application

Residential:    Plumbing Permit Application

Contractor Registration

Existing Commercial Building Permit Application

Existing Residential Building Permit Application

Plan Review All Trades Application

Rental Registry Application

Sign Permit Application

           Click here to go to Zoning Ordinances, Section 7.17 Signs.

Zoning Compliance Application   (fences, pools, sheds)


Application for Water-Sewer Tap Permit

     Guidelines for Water-Sewer Tap Permit

Permit for Public Right-of-Way

     Guidelines for Public Right-Of-Way Permit

Community Development/DDA

Facade loan
Sign assistance



Absentee Voter Request






Application for Employment



Official Complaint



Housing Improvement Department

Rental Rehabilitation Grant Pre-Application

Homeowner Rehabilitation Grant Application

Homebuyer Purchase Rehabilitation Grant Application


Income Tax

To Verify City of Lapeer addresses:

Lapeer City Street Index Listing OR see the link below

The link below will take you to BS & A assessing software to search for addresses in the City of Lapeer.  Hint: First try the street name only.  Many Lapeer-48446 addresses are in the surrounding townships and would not be subject to Lapeer withholding unless they work within the City limits  If you still have questions call 810-667-7155 or e-mail:


2014 City of Lapeer Individual Tax Return (L1040)

2013 City of Lapeer Individual Tax Return (L1040)

2012 City of Lapeer Individual Tax Return (L1040)

2011 City of Lapeer Individual Tax Return (L1040)


L-1041 Lapeer Fiduciary Return

City of Lapeer Income Tax (Schedule P)

Estimated Tax Declaration-Voucher (L-1040ES/L-1120ES)


        Electronic Withdrawal Forms Available

Individual Quarterly Forms or One Annual Form




Lapeer Income Tax Partnership Return (1065)

Lapeer Income Tax Corporation Return (L-1120)

Employee's Withholding Certificate (LW-4)

Employer Withholding Forms:

Extension Form

For access to Federal and State e-filing, and other Michigan City income tax forms,please visit:,4676,7-238-44143-287984--,00.html



Manager’s Office

Farmer's Market Pavilion Application

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request

Special Event Application and Rules & Procedures


Planning and Development

Application for Master Plan Change 

Application for Outdoor Merchandise Display

Application for a Special Conditional Use
Application for Rezoning Property  
Application for Site Plan Review Application Packet

Application for Temporary Tent Sale Event
Application for Variance from Zoning Board
Application for Plat or Site Condominium Review

Application for Zoning Permit

Construction Specifications

Covenant for Maintenance Repair & Replacement of Storm Drainage Facilities

    Exhibit A - Stormwater Maintenance Plan  

Development Review Procedures Handbook  



Parks & Recreation

Adult Team Roster Form
Community Center Facility Rental Form
Pavilion and Park Facility Application
Player Liability Form
Scholarship Guidelines
Scholarship Application



Water and Sewer Department

Water Bill Automatic Transfer Authorization

Sewer Back Up Policy

Backflow Devise Testing Form

Certified Backflow Preventers

Cross Connection Control Program



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