Who is eligible to vote?
  • A United States Citizen.
  • At least 18 years of age by Election Day.
  • A resident of the City of Lapeer or city or township in which you are applying to register.
  • Registered to vote at least 30 days prior to election.
  • You cannot be confined in jail after being convicted and sentenced.
When is the last date that I can register to vote for the next election?
To be eligible to vote for the next election you must register to vote at least 30 days prior to the election.

Does everyone have to register to be eligible to vote?
Yes, registration is required under Michigan Law.

Do I need to show identification in order to vote?
Michigan does have a voter identification requirement at the polls.  Voters are asked to present an acceptable photo ID such as a Michigan driver's license or identification card.  Please note that voters who do not have an acceptable form of ID or failed to bring it with them to the polls can still vote.  They simply sign a brief affidavit stating that they're not in possession of a photo ID.  Their ballots are included with all others and counted on Election Day.

The following types of photo ID are acceptable:
  • Michigan driver's license or state-issued ID card
  • Driver's license or personal identification card issued by another state
  • Federal or state government-issued photo identification
  • Military ID with photo
  • U.S. passport
  • Student identification with photo from a high school or accredited institution of higher learning
  • Tribal identification card with photo
Do I need to re-register to vote?
You need to re-register anytime you move, change your address, or when you change your name.  Re-registration is necessary if for any reason your registration has been cancelled and it cannot be reinstated.

Do I need to re-register if I have moved away and moved back?
If you have moved to another city or township and registered to vote there, you will need to re-register to vote.  You may check with the local clerks office to see if you are eligible to vote in the City of Lapeer by calling 810.664.5231.

What if I am outside the U.S.?
If you are temporarily outside the U.S., you may use a Federal Postcard Application (FPCA) form to register.  The FPCA forms are distributed through U.S. embassies and military bases.  A Michigan resident who moves and registers out of the state of Michigan is not eligible to re-register to vote in Michigan until a residency is established in Michigan.

Can I register at the polls on election day and be able to vote?
No.  You cannot register at the polls. You must have been registered to vote at least 30 days prior to the election date.

If I moved within the City limits but did not change my registration, can I still vote?
Yes, you can still vote but you must vote at the precinct location for your registered address.  You will need to fill out a change of address form at your old precinct.  A new registration card will be mailed that will reflect your new address and correct precinct for voting.

How do I get a petition to run for Mayor or City Commission and what are the requirements to run for Mayor or City Commission?
A petition can be obtained at the City Clerk's office.  The minimum signature requirements per City Charter is 30 and no more than 60 signatures of registered voters within the City of Lapeer.  The candidate must be a resident of the City of Lapeer for at least one (1) year immediately prior to the last date for filing the original petition for office of Mayor or City Commission, be a qualified and registered voter of the City of Lapeer and not a defaulter to the City of Lapeer.

Where do I vote?
The City of Lapeer has four precincts.  Please note that you can only vote in the precinct where your residence is located.

Precinct #1 and Precinct #2
Trinity United Methodist Church
1310 N. Main Street
(across the street from Lapeer Regional Hospital)

Precinct #3 and Precinct #4
Calvary Bible Church
923 S. Main Street
(just north of the State Police Post on M-24; across the street from Taco Bell)